Craps Betting Systems

These craps betting systems are based on the method to roll the dice in the particular manner to minimize the random outcome and make it favor the player. These strategies have nothing common with cheating and they, if fact, are connected with placing bets only. Besides, you can use them online, unlike some of the popular craps strategies used in traditional casinos only, as favorable-to-player throws.The gambling establishments don’t prohibit this practice and moreover, as a rule they say that the shooter must throw the dice so that they bounce off the back edge of the craps table that’s why it is extremely difficult to influence the results of every shot. Nevertheless, some players insist that dice system really works and it is possible to improve this method like in case of "dealer's signature" in game of roulette. A lot of articles on dice setting craps betting systems were written and the authors tried to explain it logically. Nonetheless, it is impossible to say if this method has ever worked in the actual casino conditions.

If you want to get some really working strategies to play craps, you should pay attention to so called money-management strategies that we are going to discover below.

Martingale Betting Systems

Martingale craps betting systems are the best known and widespread among the gamblers over the planet. The basic idea of the system dictates to start gambling with $1 wager and double it every time the player loses. When the bet wins, the player again wagers 1 dollar, returning to his initial bet. Theoretically Martingale craps method is the most trustworthy one however in the real game it often fails because the player is likely to lose everything before he is able to return all the money spent on the making the bets.

Gambler's Fallacy Method

This technique is based on the fact that past dice throws are able change the odds of the following rolls, in casino world this thought got the name the gambler's fallacy. According to this technique, craps player may wager on 11 because this number didn’t appear or vice versa it came up on the dice very often in the last 30 rolls. But again, in the real game based primarily on the luck the dice throw is an independent action and nothing is able to change the outcome of each shot. Thus, the system fails too as the probability that 11 falls out in any round is 1 in 18. With no regard this number didn’t come out during 50 rolls or did come out on the dice on every dice shot the chances are the same. The craps games have no memory and no one can influence the random nature of the game of craps.

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