Craps Strategies

Any trustworthy craps strategies refer to the most promising  bets which help to control your bankroll. Certainly, you can figure out your own craps strategies based not simply on the gambler’s probabilities and the payoffs, anyway we suggest you to study the following information and try to follow each time you long to experience safe craps game.

Decreasing House Edge

If your goal is to get the lowest casino edge you should start the game with Pass or Don't Pass bet, and then choose to make two Come or Don't Come bets. If you beat the bank, you are able to proceed the game again with Come bet made after the Pass bet. Players who prefer to bet on the common numbers can start playing with the Pass bet and in case the point is any number except 6 or 8, they may place the new bets on this specific number. Nevertheless, if you choose craps strategy, known as Pass/Come systems, always bear in mind that in fact your probabilities are anyway not very good, this system is the most beneficial for those players who eager to play for a long.

Compared with the other games, the bankroll in the craps game is bigger. For example, the player wagers $5 in case of the Pass line bet and gets $10 win. But at any moment after each dice shots a 7, occurring number can blow away all the probabilities and you lose all the wagered amount at once. In the game of baccarat and blackjack you are not in such risk to lose everything you wager. Nevertheless, if a 4, 5, or 6 falls out earlier than 7 the players may win much more than the first bet.

Some gambling rooms feature $1 games with 25 cent proposition bets. But still in most casinos the $5 tables don’t give the chance to make the smaller bets. At such tables you can lose $100 instantly, so to avoid such negative results the best craps strategies suggest you to always gamble at least for $150 at such craps tables.

All in all, because the craps game is the most quick casino game and requires the fast as well as steady decisions, that is why you must know all the bets and payouts and only then sit at the craps table. We suggest you to study all the bets in the game and your odds regarding the house edge. You have a great chance to read most complete information on our website to invent your own successful craps strategies.

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