Hi-Low Count

The Hi-Lo strategy is easy to understand and learn. It is also a simple one. That is why any player can use it as one of the card counting methods. Once they master it, you will be able to switch to more advanced methods of counting cards that can bring you even more winnings.

As for beginners, there is no better starting system than Hi-LO. The value of the cards are simple, therefore keeping the count is easy.

How to Count Cards According to Hi-Lo Count

All the cards are valued +1, 0, 1, and -2. The total value in a pack is 0. Therefore, if you would be able to see all the cards in the package, your counting will finally get to 0. You need to pay special attention to some things while you are playing blackjack:

  1. The number of the players at the table. If you have 3 opponents, the dealer would share about 10 cards per round. Considering the 52 cards from the package, you should enter the game with some big money after the round three (there are only 20 cards left in the package, therefore your total could give you a hint about the remained cards). 6 players at a table mean 20 cards per round, so your strategy must be applied since the second round. This is somewhat risky, therefore you might think about using it on the fourth round of a double decked blackjack game.
  2. The opened base. You must always stay in the center of the table, having players who play together with youon your right side. This way, you could see all the cards on the table, and your co-worker could help you if you are losing the count. Therefore, choose only table where the third base (the middle chair in front of the dealer) is free.
  3. The dealer. Keep in mind that Hi-Lo strategy is applied for more than 50 years now. Therefore, the dealers are trained to detect card counters who are using it. Find a beginner dealer who can't mix the deck so fast. This is surely your best hint about the dealer's experience.

Applying the Hi-Lo strategy

In the online world, casinos are using automatic shufflers. The cards are shuffled after every round; therefore, your Hi-Lo strategy is useless. You can still find some real casinos that are hosing simple versions of blackjack suited for Hi-Lo counting. For online casinos, you might always find some interesting programs that could help you to predict the next sequence of cards. Moreover, some of those programs could apply more than one cards counting systems for each round, giving you increased chances to grab the pot.

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