Roulette Cheating Options

It's, apparently, the game of roulette, the history of which is connected with a great number of mysteries, though most of those aren't likely to be believed in nowadays. Nevertheless, there is a so-called belief, which is still rather spread among world's gamblers - that is the idea that the wheel can be somehow "bewitched" by means of applying certain strategies, or casino systems.

In this respect, whereas some players are still confident of the fact that particular betting options will definitely help them beat the casino, more skeptic gamers have already realized that neither of these can, actually, be advantageous enough to bring incredible profits. On the other hand, a lot of such gamblers, especially, as far as the most money-obsessed among them are considered, have already found a way to swell their winnings to an unbelievable extent - by means of using various roulette cheating methods.

Of course, the number of players, who have succeeded in earning much without being caught is far less, that one can imagine, as no matter, which roulette cheating technique has been selected, the person needs to acquire the profound knowledge of all its peculiar features and gain sufficient practical experience before going to a casino.

The most well-known roulette cheating options, in particular, are recognized to contain the following:

  • Past Posting

    This roulette cheating technique presupposes that the gamer covertly removes his/her chips from the number, if the bet has lost or moves it to the winning number.

    In fact, it's inconceivably hard to apply past posting in modern top casino resorts, as the video cameras are everywhere to notice even the minutely strange actions at the tables, but if one is sufficiently skilled, he/she may, certainly, succeed.

  • Top Hatting

    Being pretty similar to past posting roulette cheating technique, top hatting can be used only in case, if the dealer (the croupier) and the player work together. Notably, the essence of it lies in the fact, that the dealer him/herself moves the gambler's chips to the winning number in such a way, that nobody notices it.

    Likewise as past posting, top hatting can hardly be used in contemporary live casinos, where the security usually watches over the stuff as well.

  • Computer Device

    The usage of special gadgetry to change the work of the roulette wheel used to be rather profitable for cheaters in the past, though no specific device can be nowadays applied in a reputable casino.

At the same time, as for present-day online gambling sites, most experts admit that there hasn't yet been found any advantageous roulette cheating options.

In a nutshell, it's generally recommended to avoid using any of the known roulette cheating techniques, as these can rarely increase the player's profits, while the risk to be arrested is great.

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