Even though roulette casino game hasn't changed much since the very beginning of its history, which dates back to the 17th century, it hasn't lost even the smallest part of its charm and mystery.

In this respect, it's, in fact, more, than logical, that the incomparable impressions, received from the playing process, have made roulette casino game as much popular as blackjack casino game, for instance, therefore it's so often opted for within the majority of internet gambling sites and first-class land-based casino resorts.

Where to Play

The only essential peculiarity, in this respect, which should be minded by players, is the fact that whereas any Macao resort will certainly feature both American and European variations of roulette casino game, Las Vegas and Atlantic City will rather comprise the former one only, although it's generally considered less beneficial for gamblers as has both a single-zero and a double-zero pocket in the wheel, so the chances to win are reduced.

Meet the Game

The objective of the game is to, actually, guess, which pocket number the ball will land on, yet, it's also possible to win, if one has bet on a group of numbers at the same time.

The diversity of offered betting options is pretty impressive, and these are commonly known to include the following:

  • Inside Bets comprise a 1-number bet (straight-up), a 2-next-to-each-other-numbers bet (split), a 3-adjoining-numbers bet (street), a 4-numbers-placed-in-a-square-layout bet (square) and a 2-street bet (six line).
  • Outside Bets (greater chances to win - lower payoffs) are represented by a Black/Red bet, an Odd/Even bet, a Dozen and a Column bet, not to mention 1 - 18 and 19 - 36 betting options.
  • Special Bets, including En Prison and La Partage, are available in a single-zero variation of roulette casino game only.

Despite the fact, that roulette in all its alternations is a game of chance, the history has already seen the invention of various advantage gambling and specific roulette cheating techniques, the latter being much more beneficial for players, though most of them are completely illegal. Therefore, one should definitely think twice, or even three times, before applying any of them in a casino.

All things considered, the magic of roulette casino game wheel won't, perhaps, ever stop attracting the gamblers, as the playing thrill is really inconceivable.

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