Team Counting

Team counting is one of the ways that is implemented for beating a dealer. Though it is one of the most working ones, you need to find really good team to be able to implement it in online casinos. Each team includes several types of players that we are going to discuss below.

The spotters

Spotter is one of the main participants of any card counting team. There are usually several of them and they sit at different tables counting cards until the count becomes favorable for betting big. They won't need advanced playing skills, or huge sums of money to play game. They always place minimal bets. They also keep an eye on the main blackjack table, identifying the Pit Bosses and warning the main player when the count of the deck at their table is good for placing big. However, those players must be smart, and they have to know all the details of blackjack and also secrets of running the casino.

The rabbits

This category of players is very close to spotters but they do not obverse the situation at casino trying to notice pit bosses and players who work on casino, they just play blackjack with minimal stakes and signal main player when the count is hot.

The main player

The smartest player and the key member of the team. Once he sees a signal from a rabbit or spotter, he must come at the respective table. Moreover, the rabbit must tell him the current cards counting total. Usually, this total could go from 1 to 20, therefore many phrases are required. The rabbit could say ""Bring me a hot drink" to signal a total of 1, "Really bad day" for 2, and so. The rabbit will also continue to count, helping the main player to keep the score.

You might ask what the difference between rabbits and the main player is. They both need to count cards and play. Well, the true skill of the main player knows when to enter the game. The rabbits would only place bets of 1 or 5 dollars, while the main player would never think about betting less than 10 000 dollars on a hand. Risking those sums implies cold blood and experience.

The rabbits could become main players after a while. The best teams could switch those players any time, so the casinos Pit Bosses would be deceived.

Online card counting

If you would want to apply cards counting online, you won't need a huge team behind you. Simple software might be more than enough, and you could conduct all the operation by yourself. You won't have to watch the Pit Bosses, the software is untraceable by the casino, and you won't have to split your earnings with the members of the team. Only a small investment is required to buy the software, and then you could start earning like a real blackjack guru.

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